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  • Advantages of Zen

    Environmentally sound, healthy and New look

    - Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable material ideal for creating beautiful, durable, high quality flooring and furniture. Bamboo is a pleasure to look at, stand and walk on, and has a natural decorative beauty.

    Super-strong and durable

    - Zen bamboo is tested 27% harder than oak and 13% harder than rock maples
    - Dimensional stability, less contract and expand than conventional wood floors.

    A sound long-term investment

    - Life time warranty against de-lamination

    - Increase the value of your home
    - The best quality / price ratio

    Superior quality milling

    - Uniform color grading
    - Uniform thickness and width
    - Uniform Micro-V joint and perfect tongue and groove fit.

    6 Coats high-tech UV-cured polyurethane finish with Aluminum Oxide

    Advanced finishing system for:

    -Long lasting beauty and durability

    -Superior wear resistance

    -Residential Twenty (20) years finish warranty.

    Economical and easy to maintain

    - Requires less care than conventional hardwood flooring
    - No waxing maintenance required



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